Fall 2008,  PHY 582 Optics Rotation
Research Projects in the Optical Sciences

Organizational meeting: tba


Contact: Participating groups:
Dominik Schneble, Office A-106, Lab S-114 tba


The purpose of this course is to familiarize students with the Optical Sciences at Stony Brook. Students spend half of a semester working with one of the active groups in the physics and astronomy department that are involved with optics. They should plan to be at the laboratory at least four hours a week. At the end of each rotation they make a public presentation (ten minutes maximum) and prepare a summary that is posted on the course web page.




Week of 8 September 15 September 22 September 29 September
6 October 13 October 20 October 27 October
3 November 10 November 17 November
24 November
1 December 8 December 15 December




Archive of Presentations:
Characterization of a liquid crystal variable retarder (Hyunoo Shim)
Construction and Analysis of a Universal Logic Gate for Bipartite Orbital Angular Momentum States (Bryce Gadway)
Mapping the Damage Spots on a Ti:Sapphire Amplifier Crystal (Daniel Stack)
Optical Characteristics of a Tilted Spherical Lens (Daniel Stack)
Second Harmonic Generation (Chris Corder)
Monochromator (Chris Corder)
LAB2 - The virtual femtosecond laboratory (Nicki Bornhauser)
Exploring the physics of a Levitron (Nicki Bornhauser)
Characteristics of various polarizing beam splitter cubes (Daniel Stack)
Linewidth Measurement of the Model SDL-6702-H1 1083nm Diode Laser (Daniel Stack)
Determining the Optimum Hardware for Generation of 260nm Light (Bryce Gadway)

Fabry-Perot interferometer (Marija Kotur)

Quantum noise correlations for the characterization of many-body states (Bryce Gadway)
Dissociative Ionization and Wavefunctions of Diatomic Molecules (Marija Kotur)
Improved Acousto-Optic Modulator for Ultrafast Laser Pulse Shaping (Chien Hung Tsen)
Characterizing the 2-photon response from a LED (Rebekah Schiller)
Slow and Fast Light (P. Benjamin Dixon)
Polarization and reflection (Rebekah Schiller)
Characterization of a MOT with a CCD camera (P. Benjamin Dixon)
MOT optics (Rebekah Schiller)
Optical diffraction with an Acousto-Optic Modulator (Lei Huang)

Achieving ultrahigh vacuum (David Sproles)

Characterizing Dye Laser Components (Johanna Nelson)

Phase Shifting Using Acousto-Optic Modulators (Rebekah Schiller)

Photon Statistics in Iterative Phase Retrieval Algorithm (Bernhard Wurm)
Optical Vortices (Ulrike Endesfelder)
Fast switching of large currents (Jay Hoon Jung)
Rubidium polarization spectroscopy and locking of diode lasers (David Sproles)
Rubidium Saturation Spectroscopy (William Anderson)
Q-Switched Nd:YAG Laser Alignment (David Sproles)
Fourier Transform Imaging (Yan Zhang)
Waveplate Characterization (Yan Zhang)
2004 Spectral Interferometry (Matthias Riedmann)
Background Analysis in Synchrotron Measurements (Matthias Riedmann)
Laser Profile Spatial Shaping (Sarah Nichols)
Position control systems (Christian Schmidt)
Fiber Amplifiers (Tatjana Vavilkin)
X-Ray Microscopy of Human Sperm (Sarah Nichols)
Coherent Backscattering (Christian Schmidt)
Mirror Surface Characterization Michelson Interferometer (Tatjana Vavilkin)
Position Measurements using a Laser Differential Interferometer (Sarah Campbell)
Generation and detection of short THz pulses (Dominik Maxein)
Intensity correlation function of a noise-driven LED (Daniel Pertot)
Testing Elements of a Mach-Zehnder Interferometer (Claire Shean)
Interferometer Camera System (Sarah Campbell)
Modes in a HeNe Cavity (Dominik Maxein)
Measurement and design of the dispersion of laser mirrors (Daniel Pertot)
Finding the Sources of Loss in a Spectrometer and Magnet System (Claire Shean)

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