Fall 2007  PHY 126  Classical Physics B



The Laboratory's purpose is to provide you with a demonstration of the principles of the course, and to give you practical experience in the techniques of laboratory work. The lab is located in Physics A-130 and is conducted by graduate-student teaching assistants (TAs).

How to prepare and what to bring:

  • Laboratory manual, lab notebook with graph paper (such as the "Engineering and Science" notebook available in the campus bookstore), calculator.

  • The labs are announced in the course calendar. You must read the manual for each of the labs in advance.

Taking data:

  • For data taking you will work together with another student.

  • Record the data directly in your lab book. If you make a mistake, do not remove pages. Get the TA's signature for your data before you leave the lab.

Lab reports:

  • Evaluating the results and writing the report must be done individually (see academic honesty)

  • Lab reports are due 48hrs after the lab. Your write-up must contain a short description of the experimental setup and procedure, the data analysis, and answers to the questions in the lab manual. Lab books will be returned to you at the start of the next lab. The grading is at the discretion of the TA.

Late submissions, makeup labs:

  • If you miss the 48 hour deadline for lab reports, there will be point deductions for late submissions (one point out of 10 per day). This means that a lab report that is late by more than 12 days will automatically receive zero points. 

  • If you must miss a lab, notify your TA in advance and obtain permission. Makeup labs can be done in three slots as indicated in the course calendar, if a prior arrangement has been made with the TA. All eight labs are required (see exam and grading policy).