Fall 2007  PHY 126  Classical Physics B

Getting help


PHY126 admittedly is a rapid-paced course, and a lot of material will be covered. It is possible that you will need help from time to time. There are several possibilities to get help:

  • Get in touch with your recitation instructor, your lab TA, or anyone else on the course staff. We all hold regular office hours, and we encourage you to go to these office hours early on. Do not wait until shortly before the exam, but come as soon as you think you have difficulties.

  • During the week before the exams, the physics help room (A-131) will be available. Hours will be announced in class. 

  • The Society of Physics Students (Room P-121) has free tutoring hours on most days of the week, specifically for introductory physics.  The SPS is an association of undergraduates who take or have recently taken the same classes as you do now. Fore more information contact their president Giovanni Milione at <stonyspsgmail.com>