PHY 565
Quantum Electronics I

Atomic Physics

atomic structure, interactions with external fields,
 and resonance phenomena

Spring 2017
Meeting time and place Instructor


  10:00-11:20   S-265  

Prof. Dominik Schneble

A-106 Office hours: W 12:30-2pm
topics   Atomic structure, interaction with static electric and magnetic fields; interaction with oscillating fields - atomic resonance, Bloch-sphere and dressed-state picture; coherence effects in three-level systems; laser-induced optical forces; spectroscopy techniques.


  None required - lecture notes with chapter references to recommended textbooks will be provided as the course proceeds.
PHY565: ~biweekly homework (45%), midterm (15%) & final (25%) exam; term paper (15%)

learning outcomes
Students who completed this course should have a thorough understanding of basic phenomena in AMO physics, should be able to describe these phenomena based on quantum mechanics and electrodynamics, and should be able to make quantitative estimates for them.

Atomic structure of hydrogen and alkali atoms

Atomic structure of multielectron atoms

Interaction of atoms with static fields

Interaction of atoms with oscillating fields: atomic resonance

The mechanical effects of light on atoms: laser cooling and trapping

Coherent processes in 3-level atoms

Elements of laser physics and spectrosopy

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