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Seminars will be held held at room S-141 in the Physics and Astronomy Department building on Mondays at 4:00 PM, unless noted otherwise.


Spring 2020

February 17, 2020

Dr. Jason Reeves
NKT Photonics
Finding a trajectory to industry

(Host: Hal Metcalf)

Learn about how a PhD from the AMO group here at Stony Brook found a career in the photonics industry, with some interesting tid-bits of science mixed in. Students considering careers outside of academia are encouraged to attend.

March 30, 2020 (postponed to Fall 2020)

Prof. Marlan Scully
Texas A&M University

(Host: Hal Metcalf)


April 6, 2020 (postponed, TBD)

Dr. Kanupriya Sinha
Princeton University
Collective Atom-Field Interactions

(Host: Hal Metcalf)


April 27, 2020 (via Zoom)

Prof. Ana Asenjo Garcia
Columbia University
Emergent quantum optical phenomena in atomic arrays

(Host: Dominik Schneble)

Atomic ensembles constitute a dominant platform for realizing quantum interfaces between light and matter. In dense and ordered arrays, interference in photon emission leads to the emergence of correlated states, with very different decay rates and lifetimes. I will give a pedagogical overview of recent work on collective phenomena in light-matter interaction, and focus on our recent proposal of employing one-dimensional ordered arrays as atomic waveguides. These arrays support guided modes that do not decay into free space (i.e., are subradiant) and can be harnessed to mediate tunable, long-range interactions between additional ``qubit'' atoms coupled to the chain, without need for photonic structures. Moreover, owing to the two-level nature of atoms, these waveguides are intrinsically quantum. In contrast to classical waveguides, where photons do not interact with each other, atomic waveguides display strong non-linearities. I will discuss how counter-propagating photons collide, leading to dissipation and scattering out of the chain. This tunable non-linearity opens the door to the exploration of many-body physics between guided photons and to the realization of switches and transistors at the single-photon level. 

May 11, 2020 (postponed, TBD)

Prof. Nir Navon
Yale University

(Host: Dominik Schneble)