Spring 2011 Atomic Molecular and Optical Physics Seminars @ Stony Brook


Date: Monday, January 10 at 3:30 PM (note special time): Daniel Greif, ETH, Zurich, Switzerland


     Title: “Condensed matter physics with ultracold fermions in optical lattices”


Date: Monday, January 31: First day of classes of Spring semester.


Date Monday, February 7: Open seminar date


Date: Monday, February 14: Prof. Hui Cao, Yale University


     Title: “Complex Photonic Nanostructures and Phenomena”


Date: Monday, February 21 at 4 PM: Prof. Tom Gallagher, University of Virginia


Title: “Ionization and recombination in strong radiation fields”


Date: Friday, February 25 at 1:30 PM in B-131 (joint seminar with Condensed-Mat): Prof. Nandini Trivedi, Ohio State


      Title: “Probing Quantum Phases of Matter in Optical Lattices”


Date: Monday, Februuary 28: Open seminar date


Date: Monday, March 7: Dr. Claire Allred, Columbia, University


     Title: “Development of a Krypton Atom Counting System to Measure Ultralow Kr85 Contamination in Liquid Xenon Dark Matter Detectors”


Date: Monday, March 14: Dr. Lidiya Mischchenko, Engineering and Applied Sciences, Harvard University


      Title: ”Colloiodal Co-Assembly Route to Large-Area, High-Quality Photonic Crystals


Date: Monday, March 21: Open seminar date


Date: Monday, March 28: Open seminar date


Date: Monday, April 4:  Open seminar date


Date: Thursday, April 7: Prof. Pierre Meystre, University of Arizona:


      Title: "Cavity optomechanics — putting the mechanics back into quantum. "


Date: Monday, April 11: Open seminar date


Date: Thursday, April 14 at 4 PM: Hanns-Christoph Naegerl, University of Innsbruck,  Austria


Title:  "Molecools: Ultracold samples of ground-state molecules near quantum degeneracy"


Date: Friday, April 15, 4:30 PM: Hanns-Christoph Naegerl, University of Innsbruck, Austria


Title: "Strongly correlated one-dimensional quantum systems"


Date: April 18-24: Spring Recess


Date: Monday, April 25: Open seminar date


Date: Monday, May 2: Open seminar date


Date: Thursday, May 5: Stefan Walter, Wurzburg University, Germany


Title: "Momentum and Position Detection in Nanoelectromechanical Systems"


Date: Monday, May 9: Prof. Erica Snow, State University of New York College at Fredonia:


Title: Spectroscopy of High-Angular Momentum Rydberg States of H2 to determine properties of H2+


Date: Monday, May 16: Final examinations begin


Date: Monday, May 16: Drew Chieda (student of Prof. Ed Eyler), University of Connecticut: Title TBA; Time to be determined, depending on possible final exam conflicts.




Date: Monday, May 23: Prof. Brian Stewart, Wesleyan University: TBA


Title: “Three-Body Dynamics of Atom-Molecule Collisions”


Date: Monday, June 6: Prof. Edward Shuman, Yale University


Title: “Bichromatic Cooling of a diatomic molecule”