Spring 2008 Atomic Molecular and Optical Physics Seminars @ Stony Brook


NOTE: Unless stated  otherwise, all AMO seminars are in S-141 at 4:00 PM on Mondays.


Date: Feb. 4: Ben Deisller, University of Virginia:

Subject: BEC Interferometry




Date: Feb. 18: Prof. Frank Moscatelli, Swarthmore College

Title: “Novel Shaped Traps for Ultracold Atoms  Using Static and Dynamic Trapping Forces”


Date: Feb. 25:  Prof. Anand Sivaramakrishnan, American Museum of Natural History, and SUSB:

Title: Astronomical Adaptive Optics: A Technique for Planet Hunting


Date:  March 3: Dr. Houssam Salami (SUSB): 

Title: “Study of Electronic Spectra and Potential Energy Curves of Alkali Dimers,  KLi,  Cs_2, and Rb_2”


Date: March  10: Prof. Svetlana Kotochigova, Temple U. and NIST:

Subject: “Effects of Collisions and Optical Lattice Fields on Ultracold Molecules”


Date: March 24: Maaneli Derakhshani (SUSB):

Title: "The Star in a Jar: A Survey of Historical and Current Developments in Sonoluminescence and Sonofusion




Date: April 7: Dr. Thomas Pattard,  Physical Review Editorial Office

Title: “Ultracold Neutral Plasmas and Rydberg Gases”


Date: April 23, 2008: Prof. Jean Dalibard, Ecole Normale Superieure

Title: “Interference Between Quantum Gases”






Date: Monday, June 2, 2008: Matt Eardley, SB and JILA; TBA


Title: “Towards Trapping  and Coupling to Cold Atoms with a Magnetic Cantilever”


Date: Tuesday, June 3, 2008 at 4:00 PM: Dr. Carlos Trallero, NRC, Ottawa, Canada


Title: “Wavelength dependency of high harmonic generation”



Date: Thursday, June 5, 2008: Dominik  Bauer, Garching, Germany: 


Title: “Atom-Molecule Oscillations in a Mott Insulator and How Dissipation Fermionizes a One-Dimensional Gas of Bosonic Molecules”



Date: Thursday, June 12, 2008, at 4:00 PM: Prof. Amanda Ross, Lyon, France:


Title: “Small Transition Metal Radicals with Untidy Spectra: Connecting Laboratory Spectroscopy with Sunspots”


Date: Monday, June 23, 2008 at 4:00 PM: Prof. Mark Wagshul, Department of Radiology, SUSB


Title: “Brain Pulsations and their Role in Intracranial Fluid Dynamics”


Date: Monday, July 7, at 4:00 PM: Prof. Dmitri Averin, SUSB:


Title: “Coulomb Blockade of Anyons in Quantum Antidots”


Date: Wednesday, July 23, at 4:00 PM: Prof. Edgar Vredenbregt, Eindhoven, The Netherlands:


Title: “Low Energy-spread Ion Beams from a Trapped Atomic Gas”


Date: Friday, July 25 at 11:00AM: Johann Danzl, Innsbruck, Austria


Subject: “A Quantum Gas of Deeply Bound Cold Molecules”