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Seminars will be held held at room S-141 in the Physics and Astronomy Department building on Mondays at 4:00 PM, unless noted otherwise.


Fall 2018

August 27, 2018

Dr. Lydia Mishchenko
State of New York

Law Careers for Scientists

(Host: Hal Metcalf)

Did you know that your physics degree is highly sought-after in the legal field? Patent law is a flourishing practice area in the law, and a technical background makes scientists and engineers uniquely qualified to enter this booming market.Some law firms are so desperate for quality talent that they have dedicated programs for hiring science Ph.D.s and paying for them to go to law school part time. Come join me for a discussion about the different career paths available for scientists interested in law, what skills are required for success, how to get your foot in the door of this industry, and whether patent law is the right fit for you.

September 10, 2018

Dr. Jeremy Reeves
Boston University


(Host: Dominik Schnebke)