Fall 2008 Atomic Molecular and Optical Physics Seminars @ Stony Brook


All seminars are in S-141 at 4:00 PM on Mondays, unless otherwise noted.


Date: Monday, September 15 (4:00 PM): Prof. Chin-Chun Tsai, National Cheng-Kung University, Taiwan


Title: “High Resolution Laser Spectroscopy”


Abstract: In this talk, high resolution laser spectroscopy is used to study quantum phenomena of atoms. The sample is either under laser cooled, at room temperature, or heated in an oven. Observations of electromagnetically-induced transparency, laser linewidth induced de-coherence and two-photon transition will be addressed.


Date: Monday, September 29: Prof. Victor Flambaum, University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia


Title: “Do Fundamental Constants Vary with Time?”


Date: Monday, October 13: Prof. Tanya Zelevinsky, Columbia University, NYC


Title: “Ultrahigh Resolution Spectroscopy with Cold Atoms in Optical Lattices"


Date: Friday, October 24, 11:00 AM (tentatively): Dr. Juris Ulmanis, University of Latvia, Riga, Latvia


Title: TBA


Date: Monday, November 3: Dr. Philippe Pellegrini, University of Connecticut


Title: “Photoassociative Spectroscopy and Formation of Ultracold Molecules”


Date: Monday, November 10: Fiona Persaud, US Applied Physics Group, Calverton, LI


Title: “LED Display Technology and the US Applied Physics Group”


Date: Monday, December 1: Dr. Stanimir Metchev, SUSB


Title: "Detection of Extrasolar Planets with High Contrast Adaptive Optics Imaging"


Date: Monday, December 8: Shivani Ahujani, Center for Structural Biology, SUSB


Title: “How Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Helps Us Understand Vision”